Lamborghini s.r.l.

Amusement Rides Manufacturer

"Now at the age of 64, I can proudly say that for the last 47 years I 've been building all kinds of amusement rides, both big and small and that I, along with my skilled co-workers, have designed and built each and every one of them from the ground up".

"In fact, I was barely seventeen years old when I began to learn the construction "profession" under the watchful eye of a real expert, Alfio Biancardi, one of the most talented and creative ride-makers from the 1950s.Fifty years ago not only he began teaching that young man the principles of mechanics and hidraulics but, above all, he revealed the "magic" of transforming iron bars (when he could find them), or more often than not, pieces of rusty scrap iron, into beautiful Ferris Wheels, fantastic Kiddie rides and romantic rides like the "Tunnel of Love".So many years ago when, unlike today, there were no certified or top-quality materials (or not enough money to buy them), building rides from scratch was in fact nothing short of magic".

"In the 1990s, after working so many years in the Italian market, the source of so many gratifyng accomplishments, my son Daniele and I have decided to offer all our experience, know-how and style beyond the confines of Italy".

"What you will find in this pages is not only a part of what I can make, but, basically, it 's also a part of my life".

"These rides are the end risult of a seventeen-years old 's dream.
Someone said that a man's greatness can be judged by his dream and his ability to make them come true. Without dreams, man would never sailed the seas or climbed the highest mountains or gone to the Moon".

"My dream has come true and now it 's up to you to make it even bigger and better".


Don't call them only rides